Emma Olbers presents two products at the exhibition Swedish Design goes Milan 2014!

A new lounge chair for Ire Mobel. To work sustainably and holistically is important for me, that we try to make products that are as good as possible for the environment. I have for a time wanted to design an armchair or a sofa with a visible structure.

This year Swedish Design Goes Milan is moving into La Posteria in the Brera district, bringing some 40 Swedish designers and companies to give a broad images of what goes on within

Elle Decoration, Sweden, says this about the justification to give the award Young Designer of the Year to Emma Olbers: “This year’s Young Designer of the Year is hardly a newcomer to the design world.

A new rug for Asplund. The idea of making a rug of an old classic pattern was awakened when I really sat down and looked at old pictures from a trip to Italy. I found a lot of pictures from the cathedral in Orvieto and the basis for this pattern was that paving on the floor there.

This is a product for the new brand Tre Sekel that I helped launch in May 2013 and where I have been the creative director. Dagny is a sequel to the sofa Greta and came much of a desire from the consumers on a regular bench. Dagny will be casual. A real every-day product.

Furniture producer and retailer Asplund is celebrating 25 years with a nice feature article in Residence magazine 2/2014.

Last fall Tre sekel got the justification The Producer of the Year from the Swedisch magazine Residence. Residense motivation goes like this: ”For the imagination and courage to lift the Swedish woodworking and crafts into the future.”

Stripes, rhythm, direction is an exhibition at Nordiska Museet, open until the end of August. 

Home Sweet Home is an artistic interpretation of Swedish and international design icons and their stylistic ideals.

Greta is a contemporary kitchen sofa, inspired by the traditional sofas used in many Swedish kitchens. It is part of the launching collection of the new Swedish brand Tre Sekel (Three Centuries), where I have also worked as creative director.

Even this product is designed for the new Swedish brand Tre Sekel. The idea came up when a conference room in Tibro in southern Sweden would be decorated and there was no stackable chair in wood stacked very short, meaning that the pile of stacked chairs is not very high.

Last May, we launched the new furniture brand Tre Sekel (Three centuries). I worked as creative director. In collaboration with the design office BrittonBritton we are responsible for the overall strategy, branding and product development.

I wanted to make a sofa that would combine a certain austerity with a soft and restful appearance. When developing Armilla we worked a lot with the comfort. We wanted to achieve a feeling where you are really sitting in the couch and not on top.

Since the stand in 2012 felt so successful, we wanted to do something in the same direction. The studio trend was still in the air but in the fashion you could feel the 80’s and in several collections, they were using klein blue. So I suggested a blue theme.

Elle Interior appoints the sofa Rejoin as Emma Olbers designed for Ire Möbel to this year’s furniture of the year. ”Stylish, comfortable, flexible and environmentally friendly - this sofa is all that we ask of this year’s furniture in 2013”, tells Elle.

This were an exhibition of a small collection of furniture that I designed and showed at Designgalleriet during Stockholm Design week 2012. The main questions were envirementaly.

When I was commissioned to design Ires stand at Stockholm Furniture Fair, I presented only a few different ideas. We decided on the theme “Homy and we know interior.” Prevailing trends that year were; studio feeling, mix and match styles, soveniers and so on.

I showed the coffee table S-Wood in the project, Stockholm Wood, who was a small collection of furniture that was shown at an exhibition at Designgalleriet during the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2012. Today it is produced by Ire Mobel.

This were an exhibition of a small collection of furniture that I designed and showed at Designgalleriet during Stockholm Design week 2012. The main questions were envirementaly questions.


‘Brev’ means letter in Swedish, and this design literally looks like one. A tall locker for the hall or office, it can be used for storing shoes, gloves or mail. The cabinet has an outer surface of leather and will age with grace or laquered metall. Brev is produced by Asplund

A sofa for Ire Mobel. I wanted to make a sofa that could be built further on, something to grow in. I hope that we are evolving from a throwaway culture into buying things that will last. If you know that it is easy to add, move and change clothes, then it’s easier to focus on quality.

When I drew the sectional sofa Rejoin environmental thinking was a driving factor. I wanted to create a sofa with a homely and embracing feeling and then I thought of my favourite cardigan, the one I inherited from my grandpa, lovely in wool with patches of leather.