Together with the magazine Residence and stylist Maja Lindahl, I have set up a residence and studio - which protects the environment - in an exhibition that is shown on Sweden's largest living and social expo.

Vallastaden - Sweden's largest residential and social expo opens the doors between 2 and 24 September in Linköping. Here visitors invite you to an insight into one of Sweden's most renowned new districts and visit 70 different homes of a total of 135,000 square meters.

Residence, in collaboration with Emma Olbers, has established a newly-produced so-called Bokal (a residence used as residential and studio) in Linköping's new district of Vallastaden. Residence's 80-square-foot exhibition is located in one of the construction companies Newcap's real estate, Integral. New Cap stands for four houses in the area, designed by the architects Thomas Sandell, David Eliasson and Branco Kovacevic. Furniture designer Emma Olbers and the stylist Maja Lindahl stand for the concept and decor.

The Bom exhibition and the new district focus on the environment with various innovative solutions, something that we have also determined. In the book, every detail - from furniture to wall paint - has been chosen with care. Long life and clean materials that can be recycled have been the focus.

"When buying a new furniture, it is important to keep in mind that it is of good quality so it can last a long time. But it is also important that it can be recycled when it can no longer be used. Which means you should be able to separate the materials, and that the materials are honest and clean - that is, not mixed up, explains Emma Olbers and continues:

"In this decor I have focused on carbon dioxide emissions, where we burn the most carbon dioxide in our industry. In the automotive industry, the choice of fuel plays a major part and in the fashion industry the washing machine is an important factor. However, in the furniture industry, the use of the furniture environment does not damage the environment itself. On the other hand, the production and selection of materials affect a lot. Thinking circularly in life and at home is obvious to me.