Walk&Talk Sustainability

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During Stockholm Furniture Fair I will do a guided sustainability tour. It will take you through the fair and show you good examples of sustainable and circular design, based on my design principles: form follows planetary boundaries

I will look for companies that have done their SBTi, Science based targets or has o serious plan how to lower their emissions with 50% until 2030. And I will look for furnitures with a LCA or EPD.

When I talk about sustainable development I usually refere to The UN Brundtland Commision from 1987 “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. My design method is therfore based on the Planetary Boundaries, A Safe Operating Space for Humanity (Rockström, J., Steffen, W. et. Al 2009). I have chosen to focus on the climate, partly because, it along with biodiversity, are of central importance to our survival. To reach this; low impact of green house gases and circular design are of great importance.

When it comes to furnitures in general at least about 50% of the emissions comes from the material so I have put a lot of effort into materials, and have actually had two exhibitions earlier at the Stockholm Furniture Fair about materials.

Here are my updated design principles; Form Follow Planetary Bounderies

  • Material - Use minimal amount of material (while maintaining durability), use recycled & low impact materials, use mono material and reuse old parts and materials.
  • Design for cirularity - Design furniture that are easy to maintain & repair, use standard screws and maintainable coatings, design for keeping in the loop as long as possible. Think backwords, design for recycling and afterlife. Design emotionally & functionally durable furniture that’s long-lasting. Design out waste
  • Power everything with renewable energy 
  • Mesure CO2e

Please join me at this guided tour around the fair, Tuesday- Friday at 2 pm and 12 + 2pm on Saturday with start at stand A10:18