The Old Library

Now the National Museum is inaugurated, where I have been responsible for the interior design of the Old Library. The National Museum was inaugurated in 1866, and in 2018 a modern museum building is being opened that baths in daylight. All rooms are open to the public, including the Old Library, which was first opened in 1919 by then-over-interested Richard Bergh who just wanted art to be accessible to everyone.

- It is a great honor to decorate a room whose permanent interior design was designed 100 years ago, which hopefully stands there for 100 years until perhaps someone else takes over, this gives perspective. I hope to be able to show the long-term perspective in a well-thought out interior design, where a 100-year-old bookshelf meets a contemporary armchair.

For me, the environmental issue has long been at the center, so also in this project. In the exhibition “Where does it come from where does it go” that was shown in 2012, I had received help from the Swedish Environmental Research Institute to rank the materials I work with according to how much carbon dioxide they dispose of. The group of materials that made off with at least carbon dioxide were the group of coniferous and deciduous wood, therefore in the interior we have chosen to focus on different types of wood. And instead of leather we have chosen hemp and seaweed, materials that are carbon dioxide-positive. Fast-growing grass species thus remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than they supply.

- If we are to reach the climate target with a maximum 2 degree temperature increase, we must all help. I see this as an excellent opportunity to show how we can choose the right when we buy furniture. Furniture may not be the largest environmental top but we choose the right material and surface treatment to keep the furniture long and wear out nicely. If they are later to renovate and recycle, we have done a good job.

The assignment for me has been to create a room for rest, reflection and a place for smaller exhibitions from the large library archive. In order to create a greater dynamic in the interior design, I have invited the design colleagues FRONT and Monica Förster to draw each their product. FRONT together with Zero has made a group of lamps inspired by the library and Monica has made a special version of her latest chair for Zanat.

- The Old Library is an incredibly beautiful room while it is a bit messy. The inspiration has come from the library's old reading rooms, Swedish materials and a good craft.

- With the help of the green color, I wanted to create a quiet and harmonious room. Everything goes in what I would call library green, that is, the green color that you often find on the glass of the lamps in reading rooms at many libraries.

- The interior of the Nationalmuseum probably reflects pretty much how I am as a designer. I want to make honest and contemporary products that last for generations with a great focus on sustainability.

My new launches will be an armchair in oak with visible frame and seat and back in hemp saddle made in collaboration with Ire Möbel. A stackable chair in birch along with Tre Sekel. At the bottom of the room there will be a carpet made with Asplund. Besides this, there will be specially designed tables, exhibition stands and cane frames with different designs that make by craftsmen in Tibro.