Talking Pieces

Together with Lisa Hilland I would like to welcome you to Almgrens Sidenväveri on the 11th - 27th Februari! I met Lisa Hilland for the first time in 2014. We quickly got started discussing all kinds of things and after a while we felt that we should try to make some kind of collaboration. The result is Talking Pieces.

”An exhibition about meetings, cooperation and communication. The meeting between different kinds of material, different technics, the meeting between companies and the meeting between two designers. Can we influence how we communicate by designing furniture in a certain way? Talking Pieces is a series of objects/furniture that calls for us to interact, to talk more to each other. Something we believe would benefit all of us!”

Great thanks to: Bolon, Hantverkscentrum i Tibro, Tärnsjö Garveri, Rosengrens Metallgjuteri, Almgrens Sidenväveri, Liffner Lingsell, Karl Stefan Andersson Design, Trendgruppen PR