Emma Olbers presents two products at the exhibition Swedish Design goes Milan 2014!

I wanted to make a sofa that would combine a certain austerity with a soft and restful appearance. When developing Armilla we worked a lot with the comfort. We wanted to achieve a feeling where you are really sitting in the couch and not on top.

A sofa for Ire Mobel. I wanted to make a sofa that could be built further on, something to grow in. I hope that we are evolving from a throwaway culture into buying things that will last. If you know that it is easy to add, move and change clothes, then it’s easier to focus on quality.

When I drew the sectional sofa Rejoin environmental thinking was a driving factor. I wanted to create a sofa with a homely and embracing feeling and then I thought of my favourite cardigan, the one I inherited from my grandpa, lovely in wool with patches of leather.